How Do I Find My Friends on QQ International?

Finding your friends and connecting with them on QQ International is very easy. Of course they must be on QQ to begin with: we encourage you to tell all your friends to join us!

Finding your friends on QQ International for Android and iPhone/iOS

The easiest and fastest way to find your friends is to link your phone book and see who is already on QQ among your contacts. To do so you simply need to tap on “Contacts” in the bottom tabbed menu, then “Phone Book”. Tap the “Add” icon in the top right corner of “Contacts” and find all other methods to add friends:

You can scan a friend’s QR Code, run a search by using a known QQ number or email address, sync your Google Contacts and even receive suggestions based on people you might know.

Finding your friends on QQ International for Windows

Bring up the Main Panel and then click on the “Find Friends” icon at the bottom.

Search by QQ number/Email/Nickname to find friends that you already know. Once you’ve located them, simply hover on their profile and click on the “+” sign: