What’s the Knocking Sound and How to Stop It?

The default sign-in notification sound is the knocking-on-the-door sound. If you don’t like the sound, you can customize it or turn it off – just keep reading on to know how.

Click on the Settings button from the main panel of your QQ International client:

Once you’ve opened the Settings menu, click on “Sounds” and then “Setup System Sounds”. This will pop-up a sub-menu where you can easily customize or turn off all of QQ International’s sound notifications.

Sometimes you hear the sign-in notification go non-stop. It’s likely that someone in your contact list is having connection problem and her QQ account signs in and out repeatedly. You can temporarily mute the sign-in sound by going to the Settings and clicking on the corresponding sound status to switch it off.

You may also want to notify this friend because sometimes she may not realize the problem. To find out who the person is, open your contact list and see which profile is flashing when you hear the knocking sound.