How to Avoid Being Added by People You Don’t Know?

The best way to safeguard your privacy is to manage your visibility to other contacts who want to add you. To change these settings you need to be on QQ International for Windows – we’re sorry but QQ International for smartphone currently doesn’t support this feature.

First off, you need to bring up the main panel and then click on the “Settings” icon:

Now choose “Privacy” from the tabbed navigation at the top of the window – the first element in the left hand side list is “Visibility” and that’s exactly what you need to tweak. You can choose exactly how others can find your contact and how to manage new friendship requests.

We recommend you to make sure that new requests need your manual approval. In this way you’ll receive a notification each time someone wants to become your friend, and you’ll have a chance to scrutinize their profile before agreeing and reciprocating their invitation.

In alternative you can setup a security question that will be asked to anyone trying to add you as a contact. Only persons who can provide you with a satisfying answer will be allowed to add you as their friends. This setting is great for those of you who are very privacy-conscious.