How To Find and Join Groups on QQ International?

One of the main features of QQ International is its vast amount of Groups: chat rooms where up to one thousand people can join a conversation together. Groups can be either public or private and there are literally millions of them ready to be joined. It’s a great way to find new friends and people sharing your interests.

QQ International for iOS and Android

First tap on the “Contacts” tab on the lower navigation bar, then touch the “Add Contact” icon on the top right corner of your screen, as follows:

You will access the “Add Contacts” menu, where you’ll find two choices related to Groups: one lets your create a new one and the other one is a search tool to find QQ Groups based on keywords:


QQ International for Windows

The easiest way to access Groups is from the taskbar at the bottom of the main panel.

Mouse over the banner to read an introduction of the Group and click on the ‘+’ sign to join.

Some groups require admin approval, so please enter a brief message in the Join Group request form. You will have to wait till your request being approved before chatting in the group. If you want to start group chatting right away, you should join those that don’t require admin approval.







All of your Groups will appear on the second tab of the main panel.