How to manage my Groups better?

Attract more members

  • Send your Group ID and QQ International link to your friends and networks.
  • Posting and responding to posts on foreign Social Network groups and expat forums.
  • Using your network’s network: Ask your contacts to help you to promote your group within their network through emails, newsletters, link posting and social networks.

Engage member activities

  • Welcome all new members.
  • Launch topics and try to moderate discussions.
  • Have a meaningful group name and interesting group introduction.
  • If you reach your group member limit, remove inactive group users.

Once your Group get to 75% of the Group capacity (75 members for regular Group and 150 members for VIP Group), you can contact us and get your Group upgraded to the next level. Click here for more information.

To read more on how to manage Groups more efficiently, you can download a copy of Group Admin Guidelines.