How to Permanently Delete Blocked/deleted Contacts?

To delete contacts permanently, right click the contact that you would like to delete. Then, select “Delete Contact” from the menu as below. The contact will be deleted permanently. When you open QQ International, you will not see him/her again in your contacts.

If the method above fails, there is another way of deleting contacts permanently.

Before you continue with the second method, we strongly recommend you to save a copy of your QQ folder named after your QQ ID to avoid any loss of emoticons and chat message history. To access your QQ folder, go to My Documents > Tencent Files > Find your QQ ID 123456789 > Make a copy of QQ folder and Save.

After you make a copy of the QQ folder, we recommend you to delete the folder named after your QQ ID on the QQ sign-in panel as below.

When you re-login, you will not see permanently deleted/blocked contacts.