How to Delete QQ International Contacts?

Is there a contact you don’t like anymore? Just delete it! Here’s how to do it.

QQ International for iOS and Android

Tap on the “Contacts” tab in the bottom navigation bar and then select the contact you’d like to delete. Touch the icon on the top right bottom to open the following menu and do as below to remove the contact from your list:

QQ International for Windows

To delete contacts, right click the contact you would like to delete and select “delete contact” from the menu.













If you would like to delete your contact information from her/his contact list, you can select the optional box as below. Click OK to delete the contact.





Alternatively, you can delete several contacts at the same time from contact manager.

To delete contacts from contact manager, right click one of the contacts and select “Contact Manager” from the menu.

From contact manager, select the contacts that you would like to delete and click on delete icon. Then, carefully check the contacts and click OK to delete contacts.