How to Add and Manage Emoticons?

QQ International comes with some amazing emoticons that make all your communications more fun.

Managing emoticons on QQ International for Android and iOS/iPhone

While chatting with a contact, tap on the little icon with the smiley right next to the input field.

This will pop up a menu with all the available emoticons. Add emoticons to your current conversation just by tapping on the ones you like.

Through the emoticons menu you can see recently used, default, and saved emoticons. To save an emoticons sent by one of your contacts just tap on it and hold.


Managing emoticons on QQ International for Windows

Access all your emoticons from the chat window toolbar

To add a single emoticon, just click on the “+” sign. You can also import a package of them if you have it.

Collect new emoticons by saving those sent by your contacts. While chatting with a contact you just have to move the cursor over the image sent by the other side: click on the first icon and add the image to your emoticons; the second icon to save said image to your computer; and the third icon to edit it before saving.

You can create groups for your emoticons with group names that will help you retrieving them. To add a new emoticon group right click at the end of the tab list. To rename a group, right click on the tab.  Each time you save a new wmoticon, you can file it under a specific group.