Daily Poster Gallery

If you like the pictures from our Today window, you will love the Daily Poster app! It is a gallery of all pictures that have appeared on Today window, so you won’t miss a single one of them even if you miss a day on QQ International (okay, we don’t want you miss a day on QQ International either!)

To add Daily Poster App, click on “App Box” icon on the main panel. Search for “Daily Poster” and add it.

After you add Daily Poster App, it will appear under “My Apps” tab.

You can browse pictures by date by dragging the date bar or the arrows at the two ends.

When you hover on a thumbnail, a full size picture will appear and two icons will appear at the bottom of the thumbnail. Click on the “Heart” to like a picture and click on the “Facebook” icon to share the picture with your friends on your Facebook wall. The number on the “Heart” icon indicates how many users have liked this picture.