What is Post Wall?

Post Wall offers you a public space to introduce yourself to fellow QQ International users. If you like someone’s post, give out a flower to befriend the person and share the love! Right now this feature is only available on QQ International for Windows, which you can download from our official website.

Remember that the more flowers you give or receive, the more “flower levels” you gain!

Find Post Wall in the App Box or from the Toolbar on the Main Menu.

To introduce yourself on Post Wall, click on the post icon and then write something about yourself in 140 characters. You will receive one flower for each post you write on Post Wall.

All of your posts will be displayed under “Latest” tab. You can scroll next and previous to view all posts that are shared with fellow QQi users.

In Post Wall, you can check “Rankings” tab to view the most popular QQi users who received the highest number of flowers from fellow QQi users.

To view the fellow QQi users who gave you flowers, click on the “Flower Givers” tab. Please be patient when you view this tab, the system updates itself in every 10 minutes.

To view the fellow QQi users who received flowers from you, click on the “Flower Receivers” tab.

Basic Rules of Post Wall are:

  • You will receive one flower everyday when you visit Post Wall
  • You can write up to 5 posts a day and you will receive one flower for each of your posts
  • Before sending a friend request to someone on Post Wall, you need to give one flower to him/her
  • There is no limitation of sending flowers as long as you do not send 2 flowers to the same person in the same day. Everyday you can give only one flower to each QQi user, but you can give out to as many users as you wish
  • We reserve the rights to remove any inappropriate posts

With the popularity of Post Wall, our active members have accumulated so many flowers that we thought it was time to introduce a Flower Level system.

When you hover on the flower level icon, you can see how many flowers each user has and the progress to the next level.

LV 1: 0 ~ 599
LV 2: 600 ~ 1799
LV 3: 1,800 ~ 3,599
LV 4: 3,600 ~ 5,999
LV 5: 6,000 ~ 10,799
LV 6: 10,800 ~ 32,399
LV 7: 32,400 ~ 129,599
LV 8: 129,600 ~