App Developer Guide

The Developer’s Guide provides a practical introduction to developing applications for QQ International. It explains the framework for building an application, and the tools for developing, testing, and publishing it on the platform.

The Application Fundamentals

QQ International Applications (QQi Apps) are web-based applications developed by using web standards and are accessible from the App Box on the main QQi chat panel. At present, all Apps are free and are independently maintained by 3rd party developers.

QQ International users can search for and read detailed information about Apps from the App Box, and have the option to add or remove any Apps from their App Box at any time.

 Games Category in App Box view

How to Develop QQi Apps 

Step 1: Get familiar with QQi and the App Box

We recommend that you install the PC version of QQ International and check out the App Box before developing your App. Download the latest PC version from here. The current Mac version does not have App box.

Step 2: Determine the size of your App

We recommend 4:3 (or 3:4) ratio for your App, such as 800px600px, 600x450px. Please limit the App size to1024x768 unless you have discussed with us ahead of time.

Step 3: Develop your App

Once you have decided on the size of your App, you can start building the App in HTML. Please note that all web programming languages including Flash are supported on QQ International platform. Your website content should fill up the width of the App window, and can be scrolled up and down for additional content.

You can link your website from the App for our users to gain full access to the content and services you offer. However, there has to be sufficient content in the App itself for it to be valuable on QQ International. It’s at our discretion to determine whether your App meets our user’s needs.

Step 4: Quality check on QQi App Tester

Please test your App on QQi App Tester in the App Box Utility category

  • See how your App look like when embedded in QQi App window
  • Optimize the functionality of your App
  • Make sure your App is bug-free

Step 5: App Submission Check List

  • App Name
  • Full description (about 100 words)
  • Brief description (10-15 words)
  • URL
  • One 42*42 icon in .png
  • One 100*100 icon in .png
  • Two 400*250 banners such as App screenshot, web screenshot, logo etc.
  • App Category (Education / Utilities / Lifestyle / Travel / Business / Deals / News / Games)
  • One 450*200 App of the Day Banner
  • Optional: Today window->New Features tab-> Focus Picture (308*248)
  • Optional: Today window->New Features tab-> Quickview (dimension flexible with max width 350 and max height 300)

Today window is the pop-up greeting page that we use to actively promote new Apps and top-rated Apps. It’ll give your App lots of exposure and help you quickly gain users. Therefore we encourage you to provide us those optional banners.

Step 6: Submit your App for approval

Please submit your App for final approval only after it meets all the above criteria.  Please submit your application here. We will review your App and inform you within 5 working days whether it’s approved for QQ International platform.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at