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QQ International for Android 4.6.11

Apr 11, 2014

Download and install via Google Play or download the installation package

Video calls, voice messages, texting with heaps of fun emoticons. QQ makes sharing moments and memories much easier... The fun is always on with 100+ million online users across 180+ countries at any time.
QQ International comes with a built-in translator for all your chats. The automatic translation will save your day when communicating with friends from abroad who don’t speak your own language.

What’s New in Version 4.6.11

-       Better and safer account management with 2-steps verification

-       You can now switch languages from the login screen (7 language interfaces and counting!)

-       Call your friends for free with QQ Call and talk from wherever you are

  • Click the top right "Call Button" or tap on “+” during a chat and then “Voice Call”
  • Select “Voice Call” from your contact’s profile details

-       Now featuring big emoticons! Extra fun for you and your friends

-       Fixed all Qzone problems reported by users



QQ International 4.6.11

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